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Fitness and Wellness at the State of Colorado 


STATE OF HEALTH is a no-cost, year-long program run by the State of Colorado to support your health and wellness goals. In addition to the benefits below, participants receive a $20 per month wellness credit for joining and completing the program, resulting in $480 in medical premium savings over two years!  You’ll see the discount on your pay stub. Through an almost entirely virtual platform, STATE OF HEALTH offers:

-Personalized health coaching
-Collaborative development of your health plan and goals
-Activities and referrals to community-based resources
-Skill groups (online) that cover nutrition, exercise, stress management, getting better sleep, goal setting, and more! 
-A fitness portal with on-demand and live fitness classes

When you complete your first year of STATE OF HEALTH, you can reenroll in the same pathway or choose another! 

Program Eligibility

STATE OF HEALTH is currently available to State employees who are enrolled in a Cigna or Kaiser Permanente medical plan and have chronic conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, depression, or tobacco dependence.

As of July 1, 2023, all benefits-eligible State of Colorado employees (enrolled in a Cigna or Kaiser Permanente medical plan) can join the STATE OF HEALTH program.

Program Application

The first step to participation in the STATE OF HEALTH program is to complete the program application. Select the link above to visit the program site and apply today!

Skill Groups

Skill Group sessions are 45-minute online sessions delivered in a small group format by health coaches from Cigna and Kaiser Permanente. The Skill Groups cover a variety of important Health Topics such as Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition, Goal Setting and emotional awareness, Stress, coping and resiliency and more.

Attendance in one skill group is required to earn the monthly $20 wellness credit incentive.
1. Login to your STATE OF HEALTH account 
2. Select Appointments on the menu, then select the Book Appointment button 
3. Choose and confirm the appointment type and select and confirm the date and time  
4. If you need to change or cancel, we encourage you to do so to open a spot for another participant.

Action Plan 

The Action Plan is designed to support you with creating healthy habits while fostering positive momentum toward living a healthy lifestyle. There are five actions required to complete and earn the program wellness credit incentive.  Requirements include: 
Action 1 - Complete the Health Engagement Questionnaire (HEQ)    
Action 2 - Set Your Goals
Action 3 - Complete Your Blueprint for a Healthy Lifestyle
Action 4 - Schedule and Attend a Skill Group
Action 5 - Complete PCP Attestation for doctor visit* 

*Kaiser Permanente Members complete the HEQ on the portal.
**Visit confirmed via Cigna and Kaiser Permanente claim.

Wellness Credit Incentive

Employees who activate their STATE OF HEALTH portal account and complete the Action Plan program will earn the monthly $20 wellness credit incentive. Employees can choose to enroll in the program during one of three program Cycles each year. Program Cycles are scheduled for January, May, and September.  Participants who complete the Action Plan in September of 2023 will earn the wellness credit incentive in January of 2024, January 2024 cycle participants will earn the incentive in May 2024 and September 2024 cycle participants will earn the incentive in January of 2025.

Virtual Fitness 

Live streamed classes are offered Monday - Friday and are available to all employees who register in STATE OF HEALTH or choose to add access via an onsite fitness membership.  An on-demand fitness channel is also available through the STATE OF HEALTH program or individual membership.  

Onsite Fitness

Sherman Facility - 1525 Sherman Street
Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 5:00 pm 

Grant Facility - 1570 Grant Street (closed for construction)
Monday - Friday, 5:30 am - 7:30 pm  

About Healthbreak

Healthbreak is the fitness management and portal administrator for the STATE OF HEALTH wellness program. Healthbreak has been causing breakthroughs in wellness for employers and their employees for over three decades. We are proud to serve the employees of the State of Colorado. 

Portal Security and Privacy

While participating in the STATE OF HEALTH PROGRAM, all of your personal information is kept secure within the portal, and your provider maintains strict permission levels and access to protect your information. . This platform exceeds industry standards for privacy and security. Our HIPAA-, PIPEDA-, GDPR, and PCI- compliant platform protects personal health and financial information. Healthie signs a Business Associate's Agreement with your provider as a written overview of how we maintain security standards. Our platform uses secure socket layers to ensure data security and industry-leading cryptography. Videoconferencing is conducted over an encrypted network, and meetings are not recorded. Most importantly, only you and your provider will have access to information that you post and store on Healthie. Your pictures, notes, and comments are protected and will never be published without your explicit written consent.

Need Help?

Submit questions on the Contact page or send us an email at [email protected]. Program participants with an active STATE OF HEALTH account can also contact us through the Chat feature on the portal. 

Questions are responded to within 48 hours, Monday - Friday.