Class Descriptions

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Live Streamed Schedule

Classes offered Live Streamed Monday - Friday. All classes show in the Mountain Time Zone (MT).


6:30 am, Core with Michelle 
11:30 am, Total Body Strength with Mike
12:00 pm, Stretch/Mobility 
12:15 pm, Midday Metcon with Kim
12:45 pm, Turbo Lift with Kim
4:30 pm, Yoga with Mo
5:30 pm, Bootcamp with Sadie


7:30 am, Yoga with Mo
11:30 am, Pilates Fusion with Kim
12:00 pm, Stretch/Mobility
12:15 pm Kettelbell with Zach
5:30 pm, Total Strength with Sadie


6:30 am, Bootcamp with Michelle
9:00 am, Chair Yoga with Mo
11:30 am Total Body Strength w/Kelsie
12:00 pm Mobility with Kelsie
12:15 pm Core with Kelsie 
4:30 pm Yoga with Kerry
5:30 pm Pilates with Kerry


7:30 am, Yoga with Mo
11:30 am, Bootcamp with Michelle
12:15 pm, HIIT with Kim
12:45 pm Turbo Lift with Kim
4:45 pm, Barre Fusion with Mallory


6:30 am, Body Blast with Michelle
11:30 am, Yoga Fit with Michelle
12:00 pm, Kickboxing with Kelsie
12:30 pm, Total Body Strength w/ HB Coach